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* I downloaded gcc-4.9.2. I got mine from
* I created a scratch build for that rpm, which is accessible here: http://blue/kojifileskoji/work/tasks/4937/74937/gcc-4.9.2-5.bb4.src.rpmtaskinfo?taskID=83468.
* I downloaded the source rpm from that build and manually downloaded and installed required dependencies from the same place.
* I run "rpm -i gcc-4.9.2-56.bb4.src.rpm" to install it on AArch64 builder.
* I went in the "~/rpmbuild/SPEC" directory, and run command "rpmbuild -bp gcc.spec" to get the prep stage on the rpm.
* I run "~/rpmbuild/BUILD/gcc-4.9.2-20150212/configure" file.* I created a git repository(, and pushed the content of copied "~/rpmbuild/BUILD/gcc-4.9.2-20150212/" directory to into it to get the original information in , and pushed it.* I went in the changed "~/rpmbuild/BUILD" directory, then went in the directory that starts with "/gcc" (it will have different endings).I changed "configure" file in the next ways:* I run "-4./configure" command9.* I changed "libjava2-20150212/" in the next ways:* I changed "Makefile" file in the next ways:* I run "make" command<pre>@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ target=aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu  program_transform_name = s,y,y, then waited for the make for a long period of time for it to be complete (around 10 hours) -prefix = /usr/local+prefix = /opt/ilp32/usr/local exec_prefix = ${prefix}  srcdir = .</pre>* I committed the changes and run "git diff format--patience patch master gcc49-leap-ilp-32 | filterdiff --format=context stdout > ../gcc49-leap-ilp-32makefile.patch" command to get the patch for my changes.I copied "gcc49-makefile.patch" to "~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/"I edited "~/rpmbuild/SPECS/gcc.spec" in the next way:
* I run "export RPM_PACKAGER="Artem Luzyanin <>""
* I run "rpmdev-bumpspec -c "This patch is to create ilp32-capable gcc in a separate tree."" command to add the changes with comments to the spec file.
I changed "~/rpmbuild/SPEC/gcc.spec" file in the next way:
I run "rpmbuild -bs gcc.spec" command to get the source rpm.

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