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EHL VPN Client Configuration in Fedora

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# Select '''Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)''' as the VPN type.
# Fill in these parameters:
#* Gateway: <code>moroccoehl.proximityinternal.oncdot.casystems</code> (currently:
#* User name: ''Your VPN Username''
#* Password: ''Your VPN Password'' (the system will ask you for this when you connect anyway)
user=[Your VPN Username]
For convenient access to the EHL resources:
# Merge <code>/etc/hosts</code> entries from morocco Red (, which is the gateway system) into your local <code>/etc/hosts</code> file, commenting out or removing the line for morocco Red/EHL itself.# Copy <code>/usr/local/bin/{serial,pingbuilders,startkojids,pdu}</code> from morocco Red into your local <code>/usr/local/bin</code> directory.
# Copy your SSH public key to the EHL systems using <code>ssh-copy-id</code>, including the <code>ostep</code> account on <code>serial</code>.
ssh-copy-id ostep@serial
serial x1

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