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Sigul Signing Server Setup

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# chown sigul:sigul $bridge_dir/*.db
nss-password: yournsspass <-- # This will save you having to type it each time you start the bridge
6) After all is configured, it's time for a test drive * AS '''ROOT''':
* start the server in DEBUG mode, and all information will be logged in ''/var/log/sigul_server'':
sigul_server -v -v <--
* check the log file after starting sigul, if there are no errors you are good to go.
4) To test issue the following on the client, to download and RPM from koji - sign it - and store it locally - Just as a test for koji connectivity and authentication:
sigul sign-rpm -o signed.rpm key_name unsigned.rpm <-- key_name should be the name of the sigul key you setup previously.
- If the above is successful, you will have an rpm named signed.rpm in the directory you are working in.

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