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CDOT Job Opportunities

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Job Opportunities
== Job Opportunities ==
=== Summer 2015 ===
==== Full- and Part-Time Research Assistant(s) - OSTEP Team - QA, Porting, and Optimization ====
We are seeking:
* full-time (35 hours/week) research assistant ''Summer Students'' (returning to continue studies at Seneca in the fall), or
* part-time (up to 24 hours/week) research assistants
These positions are for a porting, building, and optimization project on ARMv8 computers. Most of the work will be in the area of testing on specific hardware platforms and performing software quality assurance testing on those platforms.
Candidates should have:
* System administration and/or software development skills (ideally, both);
* Experience with open source software, including Linux distributions;
* Familiarity with software porting and optimization work, particularly on ARMv8 systems.
To apply, please email your resume with cover letter to: Chris Tyler <> by February 20, 2015. Indicate on your cover letter whether you are interested in the ''Summer Student'' or part-time category.

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