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|<div style="background:#ffff00">[[Fall 2014 SPO600 Weekly Schedule|Weekly Schedule]]</div>[[Fall 2014 SPO600 Participants|Participants and Project Table]]<br />[ Course Outline]<br />[[SPO600 Course Policies|Course Policies]]<br />[ Linaro]<br />[ Linaro Performance Challenge]<br />[ Planet CDOT]<br />
{{Admon/tip|Who can take this course?|This course is open to both '''CTY''' (system and network administration) and '''CPA''' (software development) students. Each group brings unique but overlapping skills: CTY students have a strong understanding of operating systems and administrative procedures, and CPA students have a strong understanding of programming. This course provides a range of project opportunities requiring different combinations of skills from each program of study.}}
{{Admon/tip|Why take Thinking of taking this coursein Winter 2015?|In this course, you'll learn about the internal details of computer architecture and the lowest levels of programming [[SPO600 - the instructions that a compiler produces from your code. You'll also learn how to port code to work on a new architecture (or on a range of architectures), benchmark software performance, improve software performance by changing the code or the way it is built, and debug code. This is a project-based course, and you will gain experience working directly with one or more open source communities on software that Information for Prospective Students|Here is in everyday use.<br /><br />After completing this course, you will understand the fundamentals of computer architecture and operation and be able to build and/or write software that performs well, work with multiple computer architectures, and participate in open source projects. This is a challenging course but it should be rewarding some information for prospective students interested in the details of computer architecture and software optimization.}} {{Admon/note|Questions about SPO600?|Please contact Professor [[User:Chris Tyler|Chris Tyler]] (via email at []).}}-->
= Software Portability and Optimization =

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