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BigBlueButton Mobile Client Unit Tests

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==Unit Testing Philosophy==
Will ===What is unit testing? Why bother?=== Anyone who writes any sort of non-trivial code knows that mistakes are very easy to make. Overlooking special edge cases, or failing to do null checks when they are not enforced by the way your code is typed, for example, can cause your application to crash. Being certain that the code you write stuff here shortlyis absolutely correct is a difficult problem to solve. Unit testing aims to partially solve this problem, building on the insight that if all of the parts of a program do the correct thing, then the program as a whole will do the correct thing. Therefore, we should aim to test the parts of an application as exhaustively as possible. The parts we test (typically functions or classes) are called 'units'. ===Is it worth it... really??=== ===How many unit tests should a function get?=== ==Flex Unit Testing and Mockolate Unit Testing Frameworks== ===Resources=== ==Mobile Client Unit Testing Idioms== ==Unit Tests Coverage, Notes== ===Model Unit Tests=== '' <span style="color: red;">***Github links coming soon... ***</span>'' {|cellspacing="0" width="100%" cellpadding="5" border="1"|-!Module!!Class Name!!Coverage!!Notes!!Github|-|Chat||ChatMessage||Complete||Simple class. The tests just make sure that XML tags are stripped from chat messages.||ima github link|-|Chat||ChatMessages||Complete|| - ||ima github link|-|Chat||ChatMessagesSession||Not started||Looks straightforward. ||ima github link|-|Chat||ChatMessageVO||None||Too simple. Not worth testing. ||ima github link|-|Chat||PrivateChatMessage||None||Too simple, not worth testing. ||ima github link|-|Presentation||Presentation||Not started. || - ||ima github link|-|Presentation||PresentationList||Not started. || - ||ima github link|-|Presentation||Slide||Not started. || - ||ima github link|-|User||User||None||Too simple. Not worth testing. ||ima github link|-|User||UserList||Complete||Big class. Large number of unit tests... ||ima github link|-|User||UserSession||Not Started.|| - ||ima github link|-|User||UserUISession||Complete|| - ||ima github link|-|}

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