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Building a CI system with free tools, and duct tape by by Julian Egelstaff
You must attend two talks and write a report and analysis of the two. Your report must be '''1,000 words''' in length and include:
* Summaries of two talks.** What was each talk about?** What was the speaker's main point?** What was the speaker's background and point of view? * Analysis of each speaker's views on Julian Egelstaff is an enthusiastic open sourcedeveloper. He/she may not mention it explicitly. You must listen and try shows us how to add automated testing to understand based on what they are sayingour development process using GitHub, Travis-CI, Sauce Labs and perhaps not sayingSelenium builder.** Comparison of the points made by the presentersIt creates a continuous integration system that can test your web application after every single commit on GitHub.** What It’s free for all open sources project so you can run as many test as you say about want. There is a monthly fee for using Travis-CI and Sauce Labs if your project is not open source in the light of the points they made?** Do the speakers have similar views of . So as long as your project is open source or do they disagree? How so? , you can use it for free forever! This is why “open source is awesome!”* Conclusion about your views on open source* Does the picture The speaker main point here is just to show how web developer can use different set of tool to have a continuous integration of system that can be tested and to show how awesome it is to be an open source you've seen presented in these talks challenge or confirm your own views about what project because there are many tools are free for open source is and how it functions?projects.

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