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Fall 2014 SPO600 Weekly Schedule

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Summary Table
|6||Oct 6||[[#Tuesday (Oct 7)|Guest Speaker: Jon "Maddog" Hall]]||[[#Friday (Oct 10)|Codebase analysis / Memory barriers and Atomics]]||[[#Week 6 Deliverables|Analyze the platform-specific code in 3 packages.]]
|7||Oct 13||[#Tuesday (Oct 14)|Architecture-specific Code for Performance]]||[[#Friday (Oct 17)|Picking your Package]]|Group hack session - Porting|[[#Week 7 Deliverables|Blog Pick you package and blog about your progressit.]]
|-style="background: #f0f0ff"
|Study Week||Oct 20||colspan="3" align="center"|Study Week<br />'''[ FSOSS 2014] on Thursday-Friday'''

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