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Fall 2014 SPO600 Packages by Participant

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Hunter Jansen
===Hunter Jansen===
* llvm-3.0--- Looks to already be included under the name: llvm.aarch64* exim4--- Looks to already be included under the name: exim.aarch64* italc--- Couldn't find an existing version* kexec-tools--- Couldn't find an available version* krb5--- Doesn't look like there's one available, though there is this: [](opensuse)* gem--- Couldn't find existing version* ruby-prof--- nada* gnutls28--- niente* snort--- maybe, but just not in yum? [](here)* llvm-2.9--- Potentially the same issue as llvm-3.0?* xvidcore--- Looks like there's nothin'* ruby1.8 --- Not explicitly 1.8 - but there is a ruby.aarch64 v 2.1.2
===Kieran Sedgwick===

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