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Task:write a document that describes:'''Dive into Mozilla IRC Lab #1'''
* What is a Firefox Extension?
Developing addons usually requires programmers to target a specific major version of Firefox as it is not guaranteed to work across future releases.
- go to Tools<br>
- click Add-ons which will open the add-on window like this[[]]<br>
 - choose any extensions or theme you like from each Category, and then download and install<br>
* List and describe as many extensions/themes as you can
Listing of extensions here.<br>
<li>Bugmenot<br>Fills in registration information automatically.</li>
Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web Offers too many developer toolsto list. A must have for all web developers.</li>
<li>Download Statusbar<br>
See the progress of all your downloads without leaving the main browser window to look at the Download Manager window.</li>
<li>Mr. Tech Local Download<br>
The primary goal Allows local installs of this extension is to provide extensions instead of depending on the tools needed to install and manage extensions and themes locallyMozilla Extensions site.<br>
<li>BlackJapan<br>Love it or Hate it theme.</li>[[]]</li><li>azureFox<br></li>
This theme is based on the Japanese Animation "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Four elements (Air, Water, Fire, and Earth) are present in this theme.</li>
This theme is based on the cartoon "Sailor Moon".

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