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Fall 2014 SPO600 Weekly Schedule

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Friday (Oct 3)
The packages in the short-list will be divided up between the members of the class for further analysis.
{{Admon/tip|Participating in the Linaro Performance Challenge|You are invited to participate in the [ Linaro Performance Challenge] directly, utilizing the work you are doing in the SPO600 course. Doing so may enable you to receive a prize for participation and the chance to win a trip to a Linaro Connect conference. In order to participate in the Challenge, you will need to comply with the technical requirements and rules of the Challenge.<br/><br/>Your participation in this course, and the mark you receive in this course, are independent of your participation in the Linaro Performance Challenge.<br/><br/>In other words: Linaro and Seneca are distinct entities, and although you can participate in both the Challenge and SPO600 with the same project, Seneca assumes no responsibility for your interaction with Linaro, and vice-versa.}}
=== Week 5 Deliverables ===

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