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Fall 2014 SPO600 Weekly Schedule

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|4||Sept 22||[[#Tuesday (Sep 23)|Assembly language presentations & Assembley Assembly Basics]]||[[#Friday (Sep 26)|Assembly Language Lab]]||[[#Week 4 Deliverables|Blog about writing in assembly language (Lab 3)]]
This week [[User:Chris Tyler|your professor]] is at [|Linaro Connect], an engineering conference run by [|Linaro], a distributed not-for-profit collaborative technology company focused on Linux on ARM. You can [ participate remotely] and may find some of the sessions interesting.
* [[Fall 2014 SPO600 Assembley Assembly Language Presentation|Select and prepare to teach the class about a specific small topic related to assembly language / machine language programming]].
=== Week 3 Deliverables ===
* Be prepared to give your [[Fall 2014 SPO600 Assembley Assembly Language Presentation|presentation]] on Tuesday of next week (September 23).
== Week 4 ==
=== Tuesday (Sep 23) ===
* Give your [[Fall 2014 SPO600 Assembley Assembly Language Presentation|presentation about an assembly language topic]] - teach your colleagues in the course
* [[Assembler Basics|Introduction to assembly language]]

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