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Fall 2014 SPO600 Weekly Schedule

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|4||Sept 22||[[#Tuesday (Sep 23)|Assembly language presentations & Assembley Basics]]||[[#Friday (Sep 26)|Assembley Assembly Language Lab]]||[[#Week 4 Deliverables|Blog about writing in assembly language (Lab 23)]]
|5||Sep 29||Writing x86 Assembly LanguageLab 3 results, inline assembler, and compiler optimizations||Writing Aarch64 Assembley LanguagePotential Project Analysis - Analyzing a codebase for assembler and non-portable code||Blog post about writing in assembly language (Lab 3)your selected projects
|6||Oct 6||Lab 3 results, inline assembler, Memory Barriers and compiler optimizationsAtomics||Potential Project Analysis - Analyzing a codebase for assembler and nonGroup hack session -portable codePorting||Blog post about Identify the assembler in your selected projectsand contact your upstream communities.
 |7||Oct 13||Memory Barriers and AtomicsArchitecture-specific Code for Performance||Group hack session - Porting||Identify the assembler in your projects and contact Blog about your upstream communitiesprogress.
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|Study Week||Oct 20||colspan="3" align="center"|Study Week<br />'''[ FSOSS 2014] on Thursday-Friday'''
|8||Oct 27||Architecture-specific Code for Performance]]||Group hack session - Porting||Blog about your progress.
|9||Nov 3||Portability - Removing platform-specific code||Group hack session - Portability||Blog about your progress.
|8||Nov 10||Project Work||Project Work||Get code into review and blog about it.
|9||Nov 17||Status Update||Foundation Models||Install and Test With Foundation Model and blog about it.
|10||Nov 24||Profiling||Baseline Profiling||Post baseline stats for your software.

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