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Fall 2014 SPO600 Assembly Language Presentation

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|Aarch64 Registers||What are the names and sizes of all of the Aarch64 registers? Why are they named this way? Which ones have special significance, unusual operation, or are required for specific operations?|| Edwin Lum
|Absolute addressing and Immediate values on Aarch64||In Aarch64 systems, the size of each instruction is limited to 64 bits. Since some bits are required to encode the operation, addressing mode, and registers, the number of bits available to specify an address or immediate value (constant) are limited. How are constant values represented, and what are the limitations on the values that can be included? How can you work around these limitations?||
|NASM Syntax||What is NASM, and what are the basic rules of NASM syntax? How do you use preprocessor directives (such as #include and #define) or equivalent?||

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