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My name is GaryDeng. This is my third semester I have been a software developer and research assistant in The Seneca CollegeCentre for Development of Open Technology BigBlueButton Team since May 2013. My Through the past several years computer programming education and work experience in IT industry, I have been equipped with a rigorous theoretical background in object-oriented methodology particularly in program design and system analysis. In addition, my extensive open source development knowledge and experience is CPAan asset to develop dynamic database-driven applications on a variety of operating system platforms.CurrentlyMy expertise includes computer programming and web scripting languages, system methodologies (object oriented analysis and design), E-commerce web site design, internet client and server side development, design and maintenance of database systems, data communications, security and a variety of operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, I am working in Seneca CDOT BigBlueButton TeamIBM iSeries).

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