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Fall 2014 SPO600 Weekly Schedule

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Thursday (Sep 4)
*# Benchmark - Prove that your changes do not cause a performance regression on existing platforms, and that (ideally) it improves performance.
*# Upstream your Code - Submitting your code to the upstream (originating) software project so that it can be incorporated into future versions of the software. This will involve going through a code review to ensure that your code is compatible with and acceptable to the upstream community.
* Introduction to the [ Linaro] Code Porting/Optimization project.<!-- * Optional: You can participate in the [ Linaro] Code Porting/Optimization contest. For details, see the [ YouTube video] of Jon "maddog" Hall and Steve Mcintyre at Linaro Connect USA 2013.-->
* Course details:
** Course resources are linked from the CDOT wiki, starting at (Quick find: This page will usually be Google's top result for a search on "SPO600").

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