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Project A3 20141 - OOP344

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; void pop(): Destroys the last node in the list. Should do '''NOTHING''' if the list is currently empty. Should decrement size if a node was destroyed. '''NOTE:''' If a node was destroyed, make sure that '''ANY POINTERS POINTING TO IT''', that your code has access to, are set to NULL.
; void clear(): Destroys all nodes in the list. Has no effect if the list is currently empty. When this function is finished, head should point to NULL and size should be 0.
== Submission ==
Please only submit '''ONCE YOUR CODE SUCCESSFULLY PASSES ALL TESTS!''' This includes the '''COMMON SENSE TEST''' which is the test that you perform '''yourself''' on your own code to ensure that it matches with what is required '''in the spec'''. Please see your instructor's specific instructions on how to submit.

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