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Project A3 20141 - OOP344

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Part 2: Templated Linked List: Minor
For this part, you will build the classes '''List<T>''' and '''ListNode''' in the file '''list.h'''. These two classes compose a templated linked list. A lot of the code for these classes is '''very similar''' to the code you already wrote for the IntListNode and IntList classes, except that the code is now templated. Therefore, it is suggested that you '''copy''' the code that you wrote for those classes and '''paste''' it into the list.h file, updating the references to IntListNode and IntList and generally adjusting the code as required.
'''NOTE:''' The function signature for ListNode::ListNode, ListNode::val setter , and List::push are different from their IntListNode::val setter and IntList::push counterparts!
=== Class: ListNode<T>, Files: [list.h], Test: 1 ===

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