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Project A2 20141 - OOP344

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Recommendations: row,col,absrow,abscol
You may use either of these implementations of setLine or use any third implementation that you prefer.
==== row, col ====
The normal row and column functions (row, col) return the relative position of the widget to its parent where (0,0) indicates the most top left position on which anything can be drawn.
If a widget has a parent then the relative position is relative to the parent's position. If a widget has no parent <u>or if it's parent is fullscreen</u> then the position is relative to the screen in which case the position (0,0) is the most top left character on the screen.
==== absRow, absCol ====
The The idea behind the abs functions is to return the position of the widget <u>on the screen</u>.
== CField ==

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