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Mobile Medical Device Integration

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Project Status
* Zak: MyOscar: Push data to myoscar and pull updates at the end of the day
* Dylan: Add MyOscar section
* Dylan: Make sure projects are easily buildable.* AlekDylan: Design each screen of the Simple Data Uploader App so that they can retrieve data from their respective devices then push it to MyOSCAR 'Double-check there aren''(UI design portion finished)'''** A&D Blood pressure monitor** A&D Weight scale** BluGlu** Polytelt any credentials hardcoded in distributable code* Alek: measure how long it takes to retrieve data from A&D, Polytel, and BluGlu.Make a new list of bluetooth-capable medical devices
* Unassigned: evaluate Nexj Connected Wellness API
*Zak: make graph code loose coupled major problem in graph by setting a limit to the graphviewdata. Use linkedlist.
* Dylan: Retrieve blood pressure, pulse and glucose measurements from a Fitbit account.
* Alek: Add functionality to the buttons of the Demo MMDI Java app (not a priority at the moment).
'''Completed tasks:'''

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