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GAM532/DPS932 Team Elite Four

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= Game Name Goes here The King of Sled =
== Project ==
Heightmap'''Enhancement Title : Geometric Heightmapping'''
Enhancement Description:
This enhancement does make terrain using grey scale image.
A value of grey scale is used for height value of terrain. The white value is the highest height value of terrain, and the black value is the lowest height value.
This is implemented in the geometry shader.
Work load division : Dong hoon Choi is responsible for all of this works. He is going to make all of shader code of heightmapping.
'''Game Title : The King of Sled'''
Game Description:
It is a sledding game. Player should start with initial power by some kinds of control, and go more far distance with choice of better route with left-right controlling.
Heightmapping will be used for terrain in this game.
Work load division: Dong hoon Choi is responsible for all of the game. He is going to do game design, applying heightmapping, processing of user input.
== Repository ==
[ Team Elite 4 Repo]
== Team Members ==
# [ Donghoon Choi]
# [ Dyllon Da Silva Ricardo]# [; eMail All]
== Progress ==

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