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Real World Mozilla

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Topic List by Day
==Topic List by Day==
'''Monday'''- Introduction to Open Source and Mozilla
* What is Open Source?
* What is the Mozilla Project?
* Using Mozilla’s collaborative documentation tools (wikis, wiki markup)
'''Tuesday'''- Building Mozilla from Source
* More IRC
* The Mozilla Build Process and Build System
* Building Mozilla from source code
'''Wednesday'''- Developing Mozilla
* Using developer tools (e.g., diff, patch, etc.)
* Using Mozilla webtools (OpenGROK/LXR, Bonsai, Bugzilla, Pastebin)
* Finding your way around in the Mozilla source tree
* Learning how to develop and debug Mozilla (C/C++ and JavaScript)
* Introduction to XPCOM Components
* Writing your first XPCOM Component in C++
'''Thursday'''- Debugging and Testing
* Finishing your first XPCOM Component
* Learning how to debug Mozilla (C/C++ and JavaScript)
* Strategies for Testing XPCOM Components (e.g., xpcshell unit tests)
* Bugs, Bugzilla, Testing, and QA
* Bug Triage, methods of manual testing
'''Friday'''- Firefox Extensions
* XUL and Javascript Firefox Extensions
* Writing your first XUL/JS Extension

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