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SPO600 aarch64 QEMU on Ireland

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Special Mounts
These special filesystems may be mounted using the script ''specialmount''. To unmount these special filesystems, use the corresponding script ''specialumount'' while in the arm64 chroot.
{{Admon/caution|Superuser access - Danger!|While in the chroot environment, you are a superuser. Although the chroot provides partial protection against damage to the host x86_64 system, it is still possible to cause '''major damage'''. Take care not to delete entries in the special mounts or perform other actions that would affect the host or other users.}} {{Admon/tip|Back Up Your Work|The storage on Ireland is not backed up - you are responsible for protecting your own work. Since other students will have root access (see above), you should back up your work to another system frequently!}}
== Sample Code ==
There is some sample code in the directory <code>~/arm64/spo600/examples</code>, which is also accessible through the symlink <code>~/spo600-examples</code>.

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