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Student List 20141 - OOP344

377 bytes added, 16:39, 20 January 2014
OOP344 Student List for Winter of 2014 - Added Vadym Karpenko to the end of the list for Student List page, along with all the information required
|[[User:Balint Czunyi|Balint]]||Czunyi||[[TPN|TN]]||A||[ bczunyi]||[[Special:Contributions/Balint Czunyi|Balint Czunyi]]||Bczunyi|||| []
|[[User:Vadym Karpenko|Vadym]]||Karpenko||[[|Team R]]||A||[ vkarpenko]||[[Special:Contributions/Vadym Karpenko|Vadym Karpenko]]||at0mic||Karpenko-Vadym|| [http:// Introduction!]

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