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Mobile Medical Device Integration

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Project Status
* Alek: human-usable version of Phonegap application to work with A&D weight scale, blood pressure monitor, and BluGlu.
* Alek: Rewrite the first screen of the Demo MMDI app in Java (UI and retrieval of paired devices complete). Assumes Bluetooth is already enabled.
* Zak: Proof of concept of integrating heart beat monitor with Android.
* Zak: Design of initial user interface
* Zak: Developing persistence implementation with SQLite
'''Not yet completed tasks:'''
* Dylan: Retrieve measurements from a Withings scale and upload it to MyOscar.
* Dylan: Retrieve bluetooth glucometer readings in native Android code and upload it to MyOscar.
* Zak: UI Design
* Zak: Zephyr: Integrate with UI and test code to make sure it works.
* Zak: MyOscar: Push data to myoscar and pull updates at the end of the day

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