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OPS235 Lab 4 - CentOS6

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# Write down the exact commands used at each step, and record appropriate command output:
:: a. Determine the current LVM configuration using the <code>pvs</code>, <code>vgs</code>, and <code>lvs</code> commands.
:: b. Issue Grow the home filesystem to 2G using the command <code>lvextend</code> command to increase the home filesystem from 1GB to 2GB. What happened?:: b. Try reducing the root filesystem by 1 GB and increasing the home filesystem by 1GB. Use the <code>resize2fs</code> command to redistribute the spaces of the root and home file systems.:: c. Create a new 2G LV containing an ext4 filesystem and mount it at /archive (use <code>mkdir</code>, <code>lvcreate</code>, <code>mkfs</code>, <code>mount</code>, edit the file <code>/etc/fstab</code>, and then reboot to confirm automatic mount).:: d. Copy the contents of <code>/etc</code> into <code>/archive</code>.:: e. Shrink <code>lv_archive</code> to 1G (use <code>umount</code>, <code>resize2fs</code>, <code>lvreduce</code>, and <code>mount</code>)
== Investigation 2: How can a PV be added to an existing VG using Command-Line Tools? ==

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