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OPS235 Lab 8 - CentOS6

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{{Admon/important | Backup your VMs before proceeding | If you did not do it at the end of Lab 7, stop all of your VMs and backup your VM disk images.}}
{{Admon/note |ISC DHCP packages Overview | The version of DHCP server that comes with CentOS is maintained and distributed by the Internet Software Consortium ( The source package that you can download from ISC includes not only the DHCP server, but also a DHCP client and a DHCP relay agent. CentOS, Fedora separates it into two RPM packages: the DHCP client package and the DHCP server package. The DHCP client package is installed by default by the workstation installation.}}
=== Investigation 1: How do you install the DHCP Server? ===
=== Investigation 6: Where does the dhcp server store a record of leased addresses?===
{{Admon/note | Use your fedora2 centos2 and fedora3 centos3 VMs | Complete the following steps on your fedora2 centos2 and fedora3 VM'scentos3 VMs.}}
# If your fedora3 centos3 DHCP server successfully issued the proper IP address configuration values to fedora2centos2, check the file called <code>/var/lib/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases</code>
# You should see contents similar to:
{{Admon/note | Purpose of <code>dhcpd.leases</code> File | dhcpd records address leases in this file. If the service is restarted it reads in the file to know which addresses are currently leased and for how long.}}
<ol><li value="3">On the client fedora2 centos2 check the contents of the <code>/var/lib/dhclient</code> directory. The files in this directory is where the dhclient stores its record of leases.</li>

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