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OPS235 Lab 4 - CentOS6

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{{Admon/caution|Draft Lab|This lab has NOT been released for regular distribution. When the lab is ready to be released, this caution banner will disappear.}}
=Logical Volume Management and Software Package Management=
In this lab you're going to:
:* Learn how to add and remove software packages on your different Linux systems.
:* Learn how to properly adjust your various Linux file systems by using and managing LVM both graphically (centos2) as well as command line (centos3).
== Required Materials (Bring to All Labs) ==
* CentOS 6.5 x86_64 Live DVD
* CentOS 6.5 x86_64 Installation DVD1
* SATA Hard Disk (in removable disk tray)
* USB Memory Stick
* Lab Logbook
* Completion and Instructor "Sign-off" of Lab 2: [[OPS235 Lab 2 - CentOS6]]
==Linux Command Online Reference==
Each Link below displays online manpages for each command (via []):
{|width="100%" cellpadding="5"
|'''LVM Information Utilities:'''
|'''LVM Management Utilities:'''
|'''Additional Utilities:'''
|- valign="top"
*[ vgs]
*[ lvs]
*[ pvs]
*[ vgdisplay]
*[ lvdisplay]
*[ pvdisplay]
*[ system-config-lvm] (Tutorial)
*[ lvextend]
*[ resize2fs]
*[ lvcreate]
*[ lvreduce]
*[ pvcreate]
*[ vgextend]
*[ mount]
*[ umount]
*[ yum]
*[ rpm]
==Resources on the web==
Additional links to tutorials and HOWTOs:
'''Please read this page to get an overview of LVM:'''<br /><br />
:* [[Logical Volume Management]] ('''Note:''' It is recommended to return to this guide as a reference when performing the next several investigations)
:* [ Using the RPM Utility]
:* [ Using the YUM Utility]
= Storage Setup (prior to starting Lab 4) =

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