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Mobile Medical Device Integration

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== Current Contributors ==
* [[User:Cwdesautels|Carl Desautels]]
* [[|Wei Song]]
* [[User:zmhassan|Zakeria Hassan]]
* [[Dylan]]
* [[Alek]]
== Past Contributors ==
* [[User:Cwdesautels|Carl Desautels]]
* [[Edward Hanna]]
=== Blogs ===
* [ Cait Potter]
** A bitbucket issue, example: ''issue-14 OR bug-14''
** A feature name, example: ''cryptography-bug''
=== Design Changes ===
Most of us probably have some relative that may be in and out of hospital or some may have a critically ill relative. Wouldn't it be nice to have some way of monitoring how they are doing? Wouldn't it be great to see all this information on your smart phone? Wouldn't it be great to have not only the information freely available to patients but also that the software is free and open source? I will explain the cutting edge technology/research we are conducting.
==What is MyOscar?==
MyOscar is a personal health record system which was created to give patients the freedom to see their medical records. Not only are patients able to see this information but also share this information with family and loved ones. The software is open source. To read more about it visit:
==Should Patients Have Access To Their Personal Medical Data And Why?==
You may have an elderly parent or grandparent that you may want to monitor if their condition becomes critical while at work or traveling. Or you may have a critically ill loved one that you may be taking care of. We think by having this technology, it would make it possible to help improve peoples lives and relieve worries.
==Critical Care Patient Monitoring And Can Technology Help?==
We believe that yes, it could be possible to help a patients for example a critical care patient which would need around the clock monitoring. Perhaps with technology like this patients could leave the hospital and allow their caregivers to monitor them through an application (smart phone).
==About My Teams Efforts At Seneca CDOT (Center of Development Of Open Source Technology)==
We are researchers, students and professors that believe that it may be possible to improve the healthcare industry through cutting edge technology. We believe that this technology we create should be open source. We have created mobile applications that read wireless via Bluetooth to retrieve accurate medical data. Currently we are working on syncing this data with MyOscar EMR to further improve accessibility of patient data.
== Resources ==

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