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OPS235 Lab 4 - CentOS6

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Completing the lab
= Completing the lab =
{{Admon/important|Time for a new backup!|If you have successfully completed this lab, make a new backup of your virtual machines. Remember to also make a backup of the new second virtual disk drive on ''fedora1centos1'' -- you now have two virtual disks on ''fedora1centos1'', and therefore two image files, and therefore will need two backup files.}}
Arrange proof of the following on the screen:
# Two PVs on '''fedora1centos1'''.# Separate <code>/home</code> filesystem (on an LV) in '''fedora1centos1'''.<!-- # Unnecessary accounts and groups have been removed on '''fedora1'''. --># Account created on '''fedora3centos3''' matching your Matrix account.
# List contents of '''/etc/group''' file (ops235 group).
# List contents of '''/etc/passwd''' file (created accounts).

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