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OPS235 Lab 3 - CentOS6

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{{Admon/caution|THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF THE LAB|'''This is an archived version. Do not use this in your OPS235 course.'''}}
=Logical Volume Management and Software Package Management=
'''Perform the following steps:'''
(Perform investigations 1 - 3 in your host machine (c6host)
# Using information from the man page for <code>rpm</code>, fill in this information:
# Issue the following command: <code>rpm -e lynx</code>
# Issue an RPM query to verify that lynx is no longer installed. Record this command in your lab log-book.
# Move to the appropriate sub-directory for packages that begin with the letter '''b'''.# Issue the following command: <code>rpm -i elinks-0.12-0.21.pre5.el6_3.x86_64.rpm</code> and note the result. Did it work? Explain in your lab log-book why this command may not have worked.
'''Answer the Investigation 2 observations / questions in your lab log book.'''
::* Based on the result, do you think that cups is a useful package for your system? If not, try removing it.
<li value="8">Unused and unneeded software can present a security risk and ties up disk space needlessly. Find at least 4 other packages (for example: games, sound & video, etc) that you're not using on your system, and remove them. Be careful to ensure that removing those packages does not also remove other software that you do need.</li>
Because we're using LVM though - we can avoid that. We can add a new harddrive (which will serve as a physical volume) to the volume group, and extend the root logical volume to make use of the new available space.
'''Perform the following operations to increase the size of lv_root in centos33centos3:'''
<li>Click "Add Hardware" and add a new storage device of 2GBs, make sure it's a VirtIO disk.</li>
<li>Go back to the console view</li>
<li>Run the same ls command now(performed in step 1), what's changed?</li>
<li>Now we'll make the new device as a physical volume, add it to the volume group, and extend lv_root:</li>
<code>pvcreate /dev/vdb
vgextend vg_centos3 /dev/vdb
lvextend -l L +100%FREE 2G -r vg_centos3/lv_root</code>
<li>Now rerun the ls/pvs/vgs/lvs/df commands. What has changed and what caused those changes?</li>
<li>Among the changes, note that your root filesystem is now 2GB bigger - and you have not even rebooted your machine!</li>
'''Arrange evidence for each of these items on your screen, then ask your instructor to review them and sign off on the lab's completion:'''
# elinks installed application removed on the host (disk pack - main system c6host).
# Unnecessary/unused packages have been deleted (list at least 4, and show that they are no longer installed).
# Fresh backup of the virtual machines.

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