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Team W - OOP344 20133

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== Tasks ==
Prototyping - Individually
Arshdeep- Draw() and started edit() + all the queries '''COMPLETE'''
Few problem in Cdialog but My functions have no errors.
Gaberiel- Edit() completed and add()
Trying to fix CDialog as it had a lot of bugsbut My functions have no errors.
R.0.4.1 - CButton - Arshdeep - '''Complete'''
R.0.4.4 - CMenuItem - Yu Zhu Zhao
Prototyping done individually
Arshdeep : Drew the dialog box with button for next record + Did Reading and Writing files for the book database in binary file
Arshdeep :
I was trying to compile all the files along with your object files but my mouse stopped in between so I used my friend's laptop- Dimple.
I cloned my files there, did the work and pushed it onto git hub.
Now it shows me that she is the author while it was me who was doing all the work.
I even deleted the branch but still it shows me all the files in the history.

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