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Pidora Package Reviews

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[[Category:Pidora]][[Category:SBR600]] Please see the [[Pidora Package Review Process]] for information about adding packages to Pidora. == Packages Requiring Review == {|witdh="100%" cellpadding="3px" cellspacing="0px" border="2px"|-!Name of Package!!Linked bug number in [ TRAC]!!Package Owner!!Review Being Performed By!!Closed (Y when completed)|-|quick2wire-python-api||[ 495]||[[User:Chris Tyler|Chris Tyler]]||[[User:Michael Sousa|Michael Sousa]]|||-|smartsim||[ 501]||[[User:Michael Sousa|Michael Sousa]]||[[User:Chris Tyler|Chris Tyler]]|||-
* Name of package (link to review ticket in Trac)

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