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Packaging Adafruit Raspberry Pi Python Library for Pidora

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Goals by Release
Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals:
<!-- Note: Each student must have unique goals. These goals may be ''related'' to other students' work, but must be ''distinct'' and ''attainable'' regardless of the state of the other students' work. For example, under the umbrella of one project title, one student may work on packaging a piece of software and another may work on documentation, or one may work on solving one bug and another on solving another bug, but two students must not work on the same bug or depend on the other students' work in order to be able to complete their own project. -->
* '''0.1 ''' - Initial package release and submission to Pidora package review* '''0.2 ''' - Review issues addressed, package through the review process* * Create patch to fix symlinks in Adafruit_CharLCDPlate directory** Alter python scripts to be run as non-root user** Update to latest commit* '''0.3 ''' - Package in Pidora
== Communication ==

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