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Both the speakers made it clear that open source is a huge and every growing community. Open source is so wide spread that it covers every aspect of computer programming and development. Kevin, who spoke about MongoDB talked about open source from a database perspective and how open source has given rise to many alternatives to sql databases like the nosql database MongoDb. Adrien, who spoke about open source development from a pure programming perspective talked about how open source has taken the GPU programming world by storm. What linked the two speakers was that both of them talked about Big Data and how these two technologies (MongoDB and OpenCL)can prove very useful in performing huge computations for big data analysis.
== My thoughts on the Open Source community ==
Before taking the Open Source course I did not realise how large the open source community really is. But after attending FSOSS, now I've come to the realisation on how very very large the open source community is. I was always under the impression that the Open Source community focussed mainly on web development, this was probably because I was only familiar with the works of Mozilla. Well, my impression has changed a lot now. Open Source is a huge community working in all fields of programming and development. When someone decided to focus their career on open source, then they really have to make a decision on which field they want to work on.
I am glad that open source is a vastly growing community of very talented developers who create easily available software solutions to people who do not want to be sucked into the whole very expensive licensing processes of large industries like Microsoft and other companies that produce highly licences applications which are very hard to obtain.
=== Thoughts on FSOSS ===
My FSOSS experience was sort of 50/50. There were many very interesting talks, but most of the talks were held in the same time slot which prevented many students from attending some rather very interesting talks. Also, most of the talks were very long, some were over an hour long and people like me do not have the attention span to last an hour. But I must say it was a fairly good experience and I might try and make it next time as well.

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