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= FSOSS 13 =
== Introduction ==
I've been a student at Seneca since 2010 and in all these years that I've been in Seneca I never thought about attending FSOSS, until now, when I had to go for FSOSS as part of my Open Source course requirement. I could not attend all the talks at FSOSS but a couple of them caught my attention because I was already familiar with the topics and had a degree of interest in them. so, I decided to attend those talks in particular. Below is my account of the talks I attended and what I learned from attending FSOSS.
== Topics of Interest ==
=== MongoDB ===
I decided to attend the MongoDB talk at FSOSS 2013 because of my newly developed interest in Non SQL databases. Since the beginning of the Fall 2013 I am currently 've been working towards getting my MongoDB certification for Java developers from MongoDB University, and I already know about am familiar with the MongoDB concepts. I wanted to find out what new information I could attain from attending the talk on MongoDB. This talk was given by '''Kevin Cearns'''. He talked about the advantages of NoSql Databases over Relational Databases and about MongoDB in particular.
Kevin started off by listing out the four types of Nosql databases, which are:
Kevin also spoke about '''Replication'''. A replica set in MongoDB is a group of mongod processes that maintain the same data set. Replica sets provide redundancy and high availability, and are the basis for all production deployments. Data can live across multiple boxes in multiple servers.
He then went to talk about installing MongoDB and how easy it was to set it up, he showed the installation process by demoing it to the audience. I already have mongodb installed and set up on my local computer so this part was bit of repetitive to me. He went to create a collection called FSOSS and demoed the basic Mongo commands and then went to a lot of detail about mongo and demoed a lot of its functionality, which I thought was pretty cool.
=== OpenCL ===

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