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Team A - OOP344 20133

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*'''Task Description :''' Create a branch from the "Master", add all the Mock-ups (That compiled successfuly), download the 'CField' and Testers implementation files from GitHub. Push the Mock-ups branch to the "Master" branch.
*''' Programmer Name :''' Mohammad-Reza Akbari
*''' Status :''' <span style="color:green;font-weight:900"><u>'''Completed'''</u></span>
*''' Github Branch Link :''' [ Prototyping Branch]
*'''Task Description :''' Implementing '''CLabel''': A readonly Field that encapsulates console.display() function. CLabel although, by inheritance is Frame, but it is never bordered.
*''' Programmer Name :''' Omkar and Jaemin
*''' Status :''' <span style="color:green;font-weight:900"><u>'''Completed''' - Not Tested</u></span>
*''' Github Branch Link :'''
*'''Task Description :''' '''ClineEdit''' encapsulates the console.edit() function of Console class.
*''' Programmer Name :''' Hamza
*''' Status :''' <span style="color:redblue;font-weight:900"> Not Completed.In Progress - <u>Need Debugging</u></span>*''' Github Branch Link :'''[ CLineEdit Branch]
*'''Task Description :''' '''CDialog''' Organizes '''CField''' objects on the screen, displays them and then lets the user edit them one by one.
*''' Programmer Name :''' Jaemin and Mohammad-Reza and Omkar
*''' Status :''' <span style="color:blue;font-weight:900">In Progress - <u>add(CField* field, bool dynamic) need to be completed</u></span>
*''' Github Branch Link :''' [ CDialog Branch]
*'''Task Description :''' Run the Tester Programs. It should work the same as Fardad's Demo on Matrix.
*''' Programmer Name :'''
*''' Status :''' <span style="color:redblue;font-weight:900">Not Completed.In Progress</span>*''' Github Branch Link :'''
=== Task Name : Release 0.2, Due Date: <u>'''Sunday Oct 20th, 23:59'''</u> ===

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