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Team G - OOP344 20133

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* Status: <span style="color:red">Incomplete</span>
<u>'''4. '''CLineEdit '''''</u>
* Member:
* Task: Code CLineEdit.h and CLineEdit.cpp
2. Select one of the team member's console.cpp and console.h '''COMPLETED BY JONATHAN HIVON'''
That team member should branch and clone the repository, add console.cpp and console.h to the files in the repository, compile, run and test the execution.
When done this team member should add her/his name, github id and the date and time of the completion (as a comment) to cframe.h and merge the branch back to the master repo and push the changes up to github.
3. All other team members must clone the repository and test the execution of CFrame: '''COMPLETED'''
a) Branch the master for review with a proper name.
b) Compile, run and test the execution.

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