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Team A - OOP344 20133

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=== Master Branch Status ===
====Status: <span style="color:green;font-weight:1000">OPEN</span>====<!-- Change the color red or green -->*'''''Alter Change The Table Status Before You Merge To Master Repository'''''*: Closed<span style="color:red;font-weight:1000">CLOSE</span>: Wait for the Repository to get opened*: Opened<span style="color:green;font-weight:1000">OPEN</span>: The Repository is free and mergable{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1" cellpadding="5"|+ Master Reposetory Satus - OOP344A - Team A! Master Status !! Student Name !! Date !! Duration !! Brief description  |-| CLOSED/OPENED || NAME || DD/MM/YYYY || 00:00PM - 00:00PM || Description here|- |}mergeable
====Team-A Logs====

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