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Weekly Schedule 20133 - OOP344

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===To Do 2===
*If you have not already, request an account on this wiki (admin email can be found on wiki login page, top right of the screen)
*Add your information to [[Student List 20133 - OOP344|The Student List]] as soon as possible
[ link title]
=== {{collapsible header|Blog Posts ===3|3|collapsed}}
* [ Fardad's hint on basicMath]
*Wei-Hao Lo's Solution for basicMath Problem.
*Justin Sean Wilkin's solution
*:[ BasicMath on Justin's Blog]
===Resources 3===
*Download project from github (do not fork, your code must remain private)
=== {{collapsible header|Blog Posts ===4|3|collapsed}}|}
===Resources 4===
*: Details of how to submit will be announced later
=== {{collapsible header|Blog Posts 5===|3|collapsed}}
*[ Andrew Daniele's Car blog]
**the main.cpp code in this blog post will use your display method to drive a car around in the terminal
===Resources 5===
* reverse() is supposed to make stack in reversed order (Dmitry Romanenko)
=== {{collapsible header|Blog Posts 6===|3|collapsed}}
*Here is my solution to the stack copy constructor, and reverse stack problems:
*:[ Adam's Blog]
*Kyno's blog about linked list (Sec. C)
*:[ Kyno's Blog]
===Resources 6===
===To Do 7===
=== {{collapsible header|Blog Posts 7===|3|collapsed}}|}
===Resources 7===
===To Do 8===
=== {{collapsible header|Blog Posts 8===|3|collapsed}}
*Thana's Doubly Linked List - No Iter yet(Sec C)
*:[ Thana's Blog]
*My attempt at a Doubly Linked List ( Brad Clement - Section C )
*:[ Brad's Blog]
===Resources 8===
===To Do 9===
=== {{collapsible header|Blog Posts 9===|3|collapsed}}|}
===Resources 9===

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