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Team M - OOP344 20133

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{{OOP344 Index | 20133}} = Team Name (Team M)=
== Project Marking Percentage ==
* due immediately
Total 100%
== Repository ==
* repo Github id:  == Master Branch Status ======Status====*'''''Open/Closed'''''*: Open: you can merge now.*: Closed: Wait for the repo to get opened====Logs====* DateTime, Merged/being Merged by [ full name], ircnick: mynick, any other info  == Coding Style and Standards ===== Indentation === * No Tab Character allowed. (replace tabs with 2 spaces)* 2 spaces for indentation=== Blocks ===<big><syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">if(condition) { whatever;}</syntaxhighlight></big>=== Variable Naming ===* Each object must have its own type:<big><syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">int a;int b;CDialog D;</syntaxhighlight></big>=== Class Naming ===* Use the class name for the name of the file but make sure it is all lowercase:<big><syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">CFrame class should have 'cframe.h' and 'cframe.cpp' files</syntaxhighlight></big>  
== Team Members ==
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|}== Issues and Status == === task name === * task description * being done by team member name / not assigned * status === Release 0.2 Task 1 ===* Create teampage using template* Being done by Thanusha* Status: Done
==Issues and Status ===== Release 0.X MileStone 2 Task 2 ===Issues detail* Branch and clone the repository, add console.cpp and console.h to the files in the repository, compile, run and test the execution. When done add her/his name, github id and the date and time of the completion (by whom as a comment) to cframe.h and merge the branch back to the master repo and reviewed push the changes up to github* Being done by whomThanusha* Status: Done
=== Release 0.2 Task 3 ===
* Must clone the repository and test the execution of CFrame:
** Branch the master for review with a proper name.
** Compile, run and test the execution.
** Add a comment with your, github id and date and time to the top of '''cframe.h''' header file.
** Merge the branch back into the master branch.
** Push the changes to github
* Being done by Shehzin, Neilson, and Koghulan
* Status: In Progress
=== 0.X MileStone ===
Issues detail, (by whom and reviewed by whom
== Coding Rules ==== meetings Meetings ==
* latest will be on top
# [[(Irc)logs of meeting number ### - oop344 20133 | topic and date1 ]]
# [[(Irc)logs of meeting number ### - oop344 20133 | topic and date2 ]]
  == discussions Discussions ==

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