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'''Drawbacks in using Strategy Pattern'''
#The application must be aware of all the strategies to select the right one for the right situation.
#Strategy and Context classes may be tightly coupled. The Context must supply the relevant data to the Strategy for implementing the algorithm and sometimes, all the data passed by the Context may not be relevant to all the Concrete Strategies.
#Context and the Strategy classes normally communicate through the interface specified by the abstract Strategy base class. Strategy base class must expose interface for all the required behaviors, which some concrete Strategy classes might not implement.
#In most cases, the application configures the Context with the required Strategy object. Therefore, the application needs to create and maintain two objects in place of one.
#Since, the Strategy object is created by the application in most cases; the Context has no control on lifetime of the Strategy object. However, the Context can make a local copy of the Strategy object. But, this increases the memory requirement and has a sure performance impact.
==Code Sample==

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