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Pidora Installation

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SD Card Installation Using the dd Command
#* An easy way to identify the card is to list the device nodes (<code>ls -l /dev/sd* /dev/mmcblk*</code>) before and after inserting the SD card. Device nodes that that appear when the card is inserted correspond to the card.
# Ensure that the device is unmounted.
# Copy the image file to the card: <code>dd if=''NameOfImageFile'' of=/dev/''DeviceNode''bs=4M</code>. Note that a block size (''bs'') of 4MB is used. Most SD cards have an erase block size of 4MB and if you do not include this parameter, the image will be copied at extremely slow speeds. On UNIX systems, such as Mac OS X, the ''bs'' parameter needs lowercase units (e.g. <code>bs=4m</code>)
# Ensure that the image is fully written onto the card: <code>sync</code>
# Remove the card.

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