Setting up the application.ini File

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XULRunner first looks at the application.ini file located at the root directory. This file contains metadata which tells XULRunner how to run the application properly. This file typically contains [Headings] and Key=Values pairs. Also, any line which begin with characters "#" or ";" are treated as comments.

The application.ini file contains two sections. They are the following with surrounding square brackets:

[App] Section - This section of the file contains data about the application

Key Value
Name Name of the application.
Version Version of the application.
BuildID This is the build ID which is unique. Typically this field is a date
ID Unique ID of the application.
Vendor This is the vendor of the application which is an optional field.

[Gecko] Section - This section contains information about what version XULRunner is needed for the application.

Key Value
MinVersion The minimum XULRunner version this application supports.
MaxVersion The maximum XULRunner version this application can run on.