SYA710 Booting with GRUB

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Booting with GRUB

  • How to boot up Fedora 9 from /dev/sdb in room T2107

These instructions assume that Fedora 9 has been installed on /dev/sdb with the following partition setup:

  • /dev/sdb1 = /boot
  • /dev/sdb2 = /
  • /dev/sdb3 = swap
  • /dev/sdb4 = extended
  • /dev/sdb5 = /home

Boot up the system and when the data recovery card displays a menu of OS choices, choose Fedora 8. A boot screen will be displayed with a 3 second countdown before booting. Press the <ESC> key before the countdown reaches 0. Another menu is displayed listing two Fedora 8 kernels to boot from:

  • Fedora (
  • Fedora (

Do not choose either of these. Instead press the "c" key to display a command line. Issue the following commands:

  • root (hd1,0)
  • kernel /vmlinuz- root=/dev/sdb2
  • initrd /initrd-
  • boot

Fedora 9 will now boot. OR - another way

  • root (hd1,1)
  • kernel (hd1,0)/vmlinuz-
  • initrd (hd1,0)/initrd-
  • boot