SPO600 Host Setup

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For SPO600, remote access to Linux systems is provided. Howerver, it is strongly recommended that you have access to a personal x86_64 (64-bit AMD/Intel) system. I recommend running the latest release of Fedora (or, optionally, CentOS) to match the class ARM servers.

This system could be set up:

  • On your laptop
  • As a virtual machine on your laptop
  • On a computer at your home, ideally with SSH access (so you can connect to your home system from class)
  • On a USB drive or external disk pack

You may want to installing virtual machine/emulation/simulation software on this machine, in which case a fast/large system is desirable.

Recommended system configuration (especially if using emulation):

  • x86_64 (avoid installing a 32-bit version of the OS or using a 32-bit-only computer)
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • Minumum 50GB disk space

Initial software to install:

  • Development tools and libraries (on Fedora: dnf groupinstall "Development Tools" "Development Libraries").
  • A GUI is optional and may not be required (especially if the system is being accessed remotely).