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It has been proposed that the School of Computer Studies hold a monthly breakfast or after-work meeting to discuss topics of interest (teaching, technology, and so forth). This is a wiki page, please add/edit text.


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Date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM) Topic (Presenter) Location
2011-01-27 11:40-12:30 FSOSS 10th Anniversary brainstorming session (Mary Lynn Manton) Small Board Room (Dean's area)
2011-02-08 8:00-9:50 Inaugural Breakfast Meeting (SCS) - Canceled
2011-02-10 4:00-6:00 Inaugural Afternoon Meeting (SCS) - Canceled

Future Topics

Volunteer here if you'd like to present/demo/lead a discussion (no particular order):

  • Fedora on the ARM Processor: Running Linux while Sipping Electricity (Chris Tyler)
  • Inaugural Breakfast/Afternoon Meetings: Post topics and name in the space below by February 7th
    • SCS Website (both days) - Mary Lynn Manton

External Links

Add links here to material that may be of interest to faculty members between meetings