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Note! This information is under revision.

SCR821 - Advanced Scripting


SYA810 is taught by Danny Abesdris (Winter 2009)

Danny's website <--- Go here for course notes, tutorials, etc.

Weekly Outline

See the Winter 2009 SCR821 Weekly Schedule for specific dates and topics.

Subject Description

Many system administrator duties involve writing scripts to solve problems and assist with daily administration functions. This subject will introduce students to scripting using Perl and PHP languages. Particular attention will be paid to programming Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts as well as Graphical User Interface (GUI) programs with windowing toolkits for Perl.

Credit Status

1 credit in the LUX program.



Specific Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:

  • Code, debug and modify Perl CGI scripts
  • Code, debug and modify Perl stand-alone programs
  • Use existing Perl modules to code Perl programs
  • Code, debug and modify web pages written in HTML
  • Code, debug and modify Python scripts

Topic Outline:

  • Web Client-Server Model - 5%
    • Common Gateway Interface
      • Client Side - Java Applets, ActiveX, JavaScript
      • Server Side - ColdFusion, Active Server Pages (ASP), Java Server Page
  • HTML - 10%
    • Tags
    • Formatted Lists
    • Cascading Style Sheets
    • Forms
    • Tables
    • Frames
    • Embedded Content
  • XML - 5%
    • Introduction
  • Perl - 40%
    • Installation
    • Data types
      • Lists and Hashes
      • Scalars
    • Control structures
    • Regular Expressions and Pattern Matching
    • File I/O
    • References
    • Subroutines and Functions
    • Modules
      • Object-Oriented Perl
    • Introduction to CGI
    • CGI Environment variables
    • Perl and Databases
    • Web page Automation and LWP

  • Python - 40%
    • Installation
    • Language Basics - syntax & grammar
    • Control flow
    • Data structures
    • Modules
    • Input and Output
    • Errors and Exceptions
    • Classes
    • The standard library

Modes Of Instruction

  • 2 hours interactive lecture per week, and 2 hours lab time per week

Prescribed Text

Reference Material

  • Perl How to Program by Deitel; isbn 0-13-028418-1, Prentice Hall
  • Perl Pocket Reference by Vromans published by O'Reilly; ISBN 0-596-00374-9


  • None

Promotion Policy

To obtain a credit in this subject, a student must:

  • Achieve a grade of 55% or better on the final exam
  • Satisfactorily complete all assignments
  • Achieve a weighted average of 55% or better for the tests and final exam
  • Achieve a grade of 55% or better on the overall course

Modes of Evaluation

  • 10% Lab Work
  • 20% Assignments (minimum of 3)
  • 30% Midterm Test
  • 40% Final Exam