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1. How to add Android SDK And sqlite3 in Mac Terminal command line and Eclipse with Android development tool? (Jose)

2. What will happen when the following Android code is executed? Please explain the result. (Gideon)

   - "android:onClick="hello_clicked"
   -  1. the "hello_clicked" method is not programmed in the Java class
   -  2. the "hello_clicked" method is declared but has no body in the Java class

3. What kind of "memory addresses" are generated in

4. Alternative for the deprecated People class in Android [1]

5. Android Tutorial: Writing Your Own Content Provider [2]

6. Android Fundamentals: Working with Content Providers [3]

7. Think Android - Content Provider Tutorials [4]

8. What does a ContentResolver object do? [5]

Accessing a provider

An application accesses the data from a content provider with a ContentResolver client object.
This object has methods that call identically-named methods in the provider object, an instance
of one of the concrete subclasses of ContentProvider. The ContentResolver methods provide the
basic "CRUD" (create, retrieve, update, and delete) functions of persistent storage.

The ContentResolver object in the client application's process and the ContentProvider object
in the application that owns the provider automatically handle inter-process communication.

ContentProvider also acts as an abstraction layer between its repository of data and the external
appearance of data as tables.
  • API description of the ContentProvider class [6]
    • "When a request is made via a ContentResolver, the system inspects the authority of the given URI and passes the request to the content provider registered with the authority."

9. What's the mechanism of setNotificationUri (Cursor)? [7]

10. Observing Content (2008) [8]

  • use case: "some component manipulates the persistent dataset that other components depend upon"

11. When is the onCreate() method called for a content provider? [9]