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IRC Logs for reboot


Post our chat logs here, please one post per conservation XD

Friday February 17th, 2012

<NULLbyte_> yo yo
You are now known as sborg
<NULLbyte_> lol nice only us two..
<sborg> sry im a bit late, was getting pizza
<NULLbyte_> nah its ok no body is here
<sborg> lol
<NULLbyte_> am just looking over the code
<NULLbyte_> and try to compile with the Test1Fram.cpp
<sborg> is it working??
<NULLbyte_> NO 22 error?!!?!
<NULLbyte_> Oh yea we need to add the function to cfram.cpp
<NULLbyte_> !!!!
<sborg> lol
<NULLbyte_> I added mine already to trunk
<NULLbyte_> add yours
<sborg> didnt we do that in calss?
<NULLbyte_> No not to trun we did that to our oun brunch
<sborg> oh crud
<sborg> k hold on lol
<NULLbyte_> lol ightt

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<NULLbyte_> yo Alfred???
<NULLbyte_> is that u???
<A_Ts> yes
<sborg> =D hello!
<NULLbyte_> thats good Alfred
<NULLbyte_> now please try to add the function from cfram.cpp (the thing we did in class) to trunk like just trung cfram.cpp
<NULLbyte_> trunk cfram.cpp
<NULLbyte_> if you cant tell me i can do it for you..!!
<A_Ts> Do it for me
<NULLbyte_> lol no try
<NULLbyte_> did u try?
<NULLbyte_> sborg you ALIVE????!!!
<sborg> yes, yes i am
<NULLbyte_> lol kk tell me when to trunk cfram.cpp
<sborg> i think you can trunk it now...
<A_Ts> trunk
<sborg> i added the function but im not sure if i put it in the right place lol
<NULLbyte_> it doesnt really matter
<sborg> oki doki then
<A_Ts> We did it in school. I don't know how to trunk it
<NULLbyte_> kk Alfred wait a bit
<A_Ts> Okay
<NULLbyte_> sborg what function did you add???
<sborg> the 2nd one
<NULLbyte_> loll
<NULLbyte_> what function????
<sborg> hold on lol
<sborg> it was in cfram right??
<NULLbyte_> lol YEAHHH
<sborg> ok
<sborg> hold on
<NULLbyte_> kk did you add it at the end like is it the last one???
<sborg> nop
<sborg> the one i added is the same one i added during class right?
<sborg> just not to trunk
<NULLbyte_> yeah
<sborg> the one i added is there then
<sborg> i did it during class
<sborg> when the prof helped me cuse i had conflicts
<NULLbyte_> you have to trunk the cfram.cpp
<NULLbyte_> do u know how to do this??
<sborg> apperently not lol
<NULLbyte_> lol
<sborg> hmmm
<NULLbyte_> remmeber the merge then Reintergate a brunch....??
<NULLbyte_> and ALfred if you still there you have the same function I have ..
<NULLbyte_> and SARO is the same?!?!?!
<NULLbyte_> i'll check the others
<sborg> lol
<NULLbyte_> OMG we all have the same functions!!!!
<sborg> yes we do
<NULLbyte_> kk sborg you try to compile the trunk!
<NULLbyte_> so we are not really miising any thing ??
<sborg> just so we are clear, im not crazy cuse i noticed that already but thought i was just being nuts
<sborg> nop
<sborg> =D
<sborg> *dances*
<NULLbyte_> LOL
<sborg> good lord how do u compile with MVS
<NULLbyte_> OMG
<NULLbyte_> really LOL
<sborg> hey! im not remotly use to this program
<sborg> i'll start pressing f keys
<sborg> =D
<NULLbyte_> kk kk I help to through this
<NULLbyte_> LOL
<NULLbyte_> no dont
<NULLbyte_> I'll ****
<sborg> lol
<NULLbyte_> once you branch the trunk
<NULLbyte_> click on the filter file
<NULLbyte_> this should opne visual studio
<NULLbyte_> then click on file > open proejct
<NULLbyte_> then open the only file u see in that folder
<NULLbyte_> after that colse visual studio and click save when asked
<NULLbyte_> go to the folder, you should see this Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file click on it
<NULLbyte_> and OMG there u have all the file!!!
<sborg> ok just one question...
<sborg> no laughing
<sborg> wtf is file filter
<sborg> filter file*
<NULLbyte_> LOL I already did
<sborg> i said no laughing!!
<NULLbyte_> .vcxproj
<sborg> why the heck dont i have that if i trunked already
<sborg> branched**
<NULLbyte_> how can't you have that file it in trunk
<NULLbyte_> it's called qweq.vcxproj
<sborg> not only me hald our group dosnt have them
<NULLbyte_> It in trunk only I put THEM there
<sborg> oh
<sborg> omg wow sry i was confused
<NULLbyte_> LOL
<sborg> ok so should i branch the trunk again and call it R0.1
<NULLbyte_> nah call it R0.1_1 or something
<sborg> oki
<NULLbyte_> sooo ...
<sborg> sooooooo i messed somthing up, but i think i fixed it
<sborg> hahaha
<NULLbyte_> wait you fixed the errors??
<sborg> no nothing
<sborg> u will die of laughing
<NULLbyte_> I'm laughing right now
<NULLbyte_> hwat did you do ?
<NULLbyte_> what*
<sborg> i branched EVERYTHING by acciddent
<sborg> it made a copy of everything hahahaha
<NULLbyte_> mmm branching the trunk is copying the trunk to your branch
<sborg> well i messed it up XD
<sborg> but its ok now
<NULLbyte_> LOL ight
<sborg> ok so now how do i actually run the program from visual studio
<NULLbyte_> the errors is about cfram.cpp I dont know what to do ...
<NULLbyte_> OMG nooo man dont do this to
<sborg> u mean cframe.cpp right
<NULLbyte_> yea
<sborg> oki lol
<NULLbyte_> once you branch the trunk
<NULLbyte_> [19:56] <@NULLbyte_> click on the filter file
<NULLbyte_> [19:57] <@NULLbyte_> this should opne visual studio
<NULLbyte_> [19:57] <@NULLbyte_> then click on file > open proejct
<NULLbyte_> [19:58] <@NULLbyte_> then open the only file u see in that folder
<NULLbyte_> [19:59] <@NULLbyte_> after that colse visual studio and click save when asked
<NULLbyte_> [20:00] <@NULLbyte_> go to the folder, you should see this Microsoft Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file click on it
<NULLbyte_> try to follow these steps again
<sborg> i did
<sborg> its working fine
<NULLbyte_> no errors???!!
<sborg> well theres nothing in the error list
<NULLbyte_> so it compiles and you see the program??
<sborg> no lol thats what i was asking how do you complie
<A_Ts> use PUTTY
<NULLbyte_> no press F5
<sborg> oki
<sborg> so there are quite a few errors
<sborg> jeeeez NULLbyte, all you needed to say was f5 like 20 mins ago XD
<NULLbyte_> well I though you would know that by now!!
<sborg> no lol thats what i was asking you allllll along
<sborg> also
<sborg> we used your console right?
<A_Ts> yes
<sborg> hmmmmm NULLbyte, did your console.cpp work 100%
<NULLbyte_> YES
<NULLbyte_> read the errors they all about cframe.cpp
<NULLbyte_> and try your console
<sborg> iv got like 21 errors
<sborg> were we suppsoed to do anything extra?
<sborg> just add the functions fardad gave us right?
<NULLbyte_> no not really just add the functions...
<sborg> roar
<NULLbyte_> lol
<sborg> then the functions must not be added correctly
<NULLbyte_> yo this should be so easy and quick !!!
<sborg> XD
<sborg> im going to go through this code now with a magnifyer and figure out wtf is not right hahaha
<NULLbyte_> lol yea have a try I give up!!
<sborg> i think there may be a function missing
<sborg> totally missing a function
<NULLbyte_> kk well I know that... I cant figure out what it is!
<sborg> void width
<NULLbyte_> I have added that a min agoo still !!
<NULLbyte_> add it
<NULLbyte_> void CFrame::width(int val){
<NULLbyte_> _width = val;
<NULLbyte_> }
<sborg> well i have less errors
<sborg> lol
<A_Ts> keep working
<sborg> im getting some errors about alarm too
<sborg> where is bconsole?
<sborg> i have bconsole.h
<sborg> but not bconsole.cpp...
<sborg> its there, but somehow the project dosnt have it
<sborg> =D
<sborg> only 3 errors now, down from 22 XD
<NULLbyte_> whatt
<NULLbyte_> maine works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<NULLbyte_> mine**
<NULLbyte_> I jsu neeed the bconsol.cpp
<NULLbyte_> good job!!
<sborg> ^_^
<sborg> i was wondering when it gave some errors for alam
<sborg> alarm*
<NULLbyte_> yea I didn't even see that error
<sborg> lol im getting some weird errors still
<NULLbyte_> i'll trunk it and try the files ok
<sborg> oki doki
<NULLbyte_> just give me a sec

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<A_Ts> do you still have errors
<NULLbyte_> yoo I can't trunk I think I forgot how to do this
<sborg> lol
<NULLbyte_> and no no errors no more
<sborg> i am getting errors, but they have to do with my settings...
<A_Ts> my console.g and console.cpp are working
<sborg> so essecsially no errors
<NULLbyte_> kk you know what am just gonna delete the current cframe.cpp in trunk and copy mine...
<NULLbyte_> !!!
<sborg> oh noes!
<A_Ts> I have my console.h and console.cpp
<A_Ts> on my USB
<sborg> awesome
<NULLbyte_> kkk I branch the trunk now!!
<sborg> awesome
<sborg> now we need to tag that thing
<NULLbyte_> yea
<NULLbyte_> kk before I tag it
<NULLbyte_> do you wanna try it
<sborg> k
<NULLbyte_> or screw it
<sborg> if it works for u its fine
<sborg> somthing is wrong with my visual studio
<NULLbyte_> lol than screw it
<sborg> lol
<A_Ts> Keep on trying. I know u can do it.
<NULLbyte_> OK we did it
<NULLbyte_> I have tag the damn thing
<sborg> yay!
<sborg> good job good job
<NULLbyte_> ight we are goofd to go now]
<sborg> awesome
<NULLbyte_> yo sborg can you post this in the logs on wiki, I cant! I have disconnected and lost most of the conversation
<sborg> oki